Meet the 2014 ANNpower Fellows


I am from Long Valley, New Jersey and am a sophomore at The Pingry School. I am very passionate about creating special programs and activities for the children temporarily residing at my local homeless shelter. These children inspired me to find a way to assist other homeless and low-income children throughout the State of New Jersey through the foundation I started, Teams For Kids, Inc. 


I'm a sophomore in high school in Thousand Oaks, California, and I'm currently working to develop closed-captioned movie-theater glasses for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.  I myself am completely deaf in my left ear, born missing two of the three bones in that ear and thus rendering me ineligible for a hearing aid.  I've been on ABC, and have written for Seventeen Magazine, The New York Times Learning Network, Johns Hopkins, and for Hearing Health Magazine. 


I am a sophomore at Blue Valley North from Leawood, Kansas. My passion is debate and I spend countless hours researching and competing during the fall. I also run on my school's cross country team and serve as a Student Council officer. On weekends I volunteer at the local library and animal shelter where my job title is Cat Socializer. 


I am a junior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York and am passionate about helping children and youth inside and outside my community. They truly have been an inspiration to me. I love being mentally and physically challenged outside of school as a competitive tennis player, ballroom dancer, and beekeeper.


I am a sophomore at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am the USGBC Louisiana Green Schools Youth Ambassador. So far I have had the opportunity to reach out to over 7,000 students all over the state of Louisiana. 


I'm a junior at Libertyville High School in Libertyville, Illinois. I hold a first-degree black belt in Seido Karate, and use my skills to provide self-defense training for disabled teens on the weekends. I have committed most of my energy to the pursuit of enrichment and empowerment opportunities for those who might otherwise not be allotted them. 


I live in Buckhead, in Atlanta, Georgia, and I am a junior at The Lovett School. I play lacrosse and I am a photographer for an organization called Humans of Atlanta because of my love of digital and analog photography and community awareness. I am passionate about photography, history, literature, French, education, empowerment, and awareness. 


I am a sophomore at St. Luke's School in New Canaan, Connecticut. I play on our school soccer team and volunteer for a local grassroots tennis program as a mentor and community liaison. In the coming year, my goal is to serve women and their families in the breast cancer journey. Outside of school, I spend my time skiing at Stratton Mountain in Vermont.


I am from KunMing, China, but came to the United States for school. I am a junior at Shattuck St-Mary’s in Faribault, Minnesota. I am passionate about fashion design, volunteering and psychology. I am the first student in my school to design and made an actual dress for myself!

Claire C.

I am a sophomore at Liberty High School in Madera, California. I play volleyball, basketball, and participate in Mock Trial and Drama. I also founded a community service club for my fellow students called Students 4 Community: Project College. I am passionate about volunteering at Children's Hospital, Central California. 

Claire M.

I am from New York City and I am a junior at Solebury School, a boarding school in New Hope, Pennsylvania. I play lacrosse and field hockey. I am passionate about helping others and working to erase the stigma surrounding mental health care.


I live in Riverdale, New York and I am currently a junior at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. I am involved in my school's multi-cultural club and co-president of our fighting gender stereotypes club. I am passionate about women's rights and helping young girls reach their highest potential. I love choreographing dances and performing.


I live in Greenwich, Connecticut and am a sophomore at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, New York.  This year I founded a club called Global Health Corps Club (GHC Club) at my school. My club's mission focuses on fundraising and raising awareness about health inequity around the world. I am especially passionate and interested in health care and hope to be a surgeon for Doctors Without Borders in the future.


I am currently a junior at Tabb High School in Yorktown, Virginia, but I used to live in Houston, Texas. I am involved with my school's Model United Nations and Science National Honor Society. Outside of school, I have been ice-skating for 7 years, and I love painting, drawing, and creating art through all kinds of media. I am interested in owning my own business one day, which is why I am passionate about increasing opportunities and education for young women in my community to become entrepreneurs and successful businesswomen.


I live in Williamston, Michigan and am currently a junior at Williamston High School. I participate in my schools National Honor Society, Marching band, symphony band, and jazz band, as well as a member of the tennis team. I'm passionate about getting youth involved in their community and helping raise awareness about poverty and human rights.


I am currently an junior grader at Trenton Catholic Academy. I aspire to become the future senator of New Jersey on behalf of my passion for politics and law. "Dont feed yourself with words, and starve yourself of actions." is the motto because faith without works is dead.


I currently live in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. I am a 10th grade student at the Dr. Juan J. Osuna High School in San Juan, which specializes in Radio and Television. I'm a Girl Scout, Ricky Martin Foundation Volunteer, Literacy Program teacher at the Dominican Alliance, Leo Club President and a Human Rights Activist.


I'm a sophmore at Shawnee Mission West High School in Lenexa, Kansas. I am interested in business and psychology.  At school, I am actively involved in my school's choir department.  I'm a country music fan and I also referee soccer.


I am from Manchester, Connecticut, and I am a junior in high school. One activity I am involved in is that I am the editor in chief of my school newspaper, Harbinger. A fun fact about me is that I have been published in a book.


I am a sophomore at The Dalton School in New York City. I'm especially passionate about computer science and math, and want to help inspire underprivileged youth about the limitless possibilities of technology. I also love writing and am the current events editor for my school newspaper. A fun fact about me is that I am nearly fluent in Mandarin.


I am a sophomore at the Advance Math and Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough, Massachusetts. I love playing volleyball, drawing, and rock climbing with my friends. I am passionate about my high school’s Robotics Team and computer science classes. 


I am currently a junior at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts where I am the head of SADD and on the board of entrepreneurship club as well as involved in a program called “Invest In Girls”. I am very passionate about social justice issues, mentoring younger girls, and my work as a camp counselor for children with disabilities. I love learning about different cultures and meeting new people, so my dream is to spend an entire year traveling around the world, completely immersing myself in the culture and language of each place I go.   

Katie C.

I am a junior in high school and I attend Assumption High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  I love to run cross country, play violin, and participate in the environmental clubs.  A fun fact about me is that I know how to water ski.

Katie T.

I am interested in the outdoors and people, specifically kids.  I am inspired by the idea that I live my life in a way that I can be proud of what I achieved and the person I am. I was born in Kailua, Hawaii where I lived until I was 10.  Now I am a junior at East Chapel Hill High in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where I am part of the Social Justice Academy, swim, and work at the farmers market.


From Brooklyn, New York, I am a junior in high school, where I swim on the varsity team and am a co-leader of the Girls to Women Club.  I love reading and dancing, and am passionate about women's issues and public health.  For fun I enjoy baking. 


I am currently a Grade 10 French immersion student from Georgetown, Ontario, a small town outside of Toronto. My greatest passions are science, sports and helping in my community. I volunteer at the local hospital and with the Mayor's Youth Action Committee. A fun fact about me is that I can recite the alphabet backwards in under 5 seconds! 


I am a currently a junior at Custer County, the only school in my small hometown of Westcliffe, Colorado. When I'm not on the court playing sports, delegating in a Student Council meeting, or rehearsing for the spring musical, I love to draw in my sketchbook or get involved with a local community service organization. Last July, I got back from an amazing, year-long student exchange in New Zealand. 


I am a junior grader at Deltona highs school in Deltona, Florida. My passion is computer science, which inspired me to host my own summer camp in early June where I will teach middle school girls how to make android apps in the MIT App inventor. I enjoy volunteering and aspire to go to Stanford University for computer science and graphic arts.


I am from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, a small suburb of Philadelphia and am a junior at Radnor High School. During my freshman year of high school I started running with Back on My Feet (BoMF), a non-profit organization that engages people experiencing homelessness in running. Currently, I am a BoMF team leader for Team House of Passage, which is associated with a women’s shelter in West Philadelphia, and am also the co-vice-president for my high school Best Buddies program. My passion is working with people experiencing homelessness. 

Mary Kate

I reside in the small town of Watson, Louisiana and am a junior at Live Oak High school. I am involved in many clubs at my school, including Live Oak High's very own REACH Club, committed to bridging the social gap between students with and without intellectual disabilities. My passion is childhood cancer awareness; the yellow ribbon is one that is often overlooked. 


I'm a junior from Bellevue, Washington pursuing my 2nd year of the I.B. Diploma program in Interlake High School. Being a classical South Indian dancer, I’m passionate about spreading awareness of classical art forms, especially amongst youth. I also love science and am involved in scientific research. Besides dance and science, I enjoy baking, reading, and staring out of windows on rainy days – there’s something quite magical about the pitter-patter of Seattle rain!


I live in San Rafael, CA and I am a sophomore in the Marin School of Environmental Leadership which is a magnet school at Terra Linda High School. I also study American Sign Language at the College of Marin. At my school I am a peer educator in Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) and a peer counselor in Youth Court. I am passionate about taking care of the environment, sustainable agriculture and cooking nutritious meals. 


I am a junior at Carrboro High School in Carrboro, North Carolina.  I'm currently the news editor for my school paper, and am involved in student government here at Carrboro.  I'm very politically active, and am especially passionate about women's issues.  A fun fact about me is that I'm the youngest child in a blended family of seven children.


I'm Nadya Okamoto, a big sister, dancer, and sophomore at Catlin Gabel High School in Portland, Oregon. I am the founder and captain of my school's Dance Team, and am involved in my school's Mock Trial, Model UN, and Junior State of America team. I am most passionate about giving everyone a chance at a stable life, or at least a place to feel safe and secure.


I live in Chandler, Arizona and am a sophomore at Chandler High School. I am passionate about photography and reading novels. My goal is to improve education in my community by creating opportunities for tutoring. 


I'm currently a junior from Garfield High School in Los Angeles, California. I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona but now live in East Los Angeles where I was originally born and I am very proud to represent my Latin community. My dream is to become a Pediatrician and help poor kids all over the world who can't afford Medical assistance. 


I am a junior at The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I am a member of the Mock Trial and Science Olympiad teams.  I spend most of my extracurricular time training, competing and performing as a tap dancer.  I hope to combine my passion for helping children with mental disabilities and my interest in math and science to make a meaningful contribution to society someday.  


Born and raised near the Gulf in Mobile, Alabama, I am a sophomore at Davidson High School with the passion to excel in everything I put my mind to, while always treating people with kindness. Involvement in track, cross-country, dance, DIMUN, National Honor Society and Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum has taught me time-management skills, ways to implement my leadership knowledge and the path I need to take to become an engineer.  A unique fact about myself is that I love old movies and vintage fashion; I like to think I was meant to live in the 1950’s!


I am from Athens, Georgia where I am a sophomore at Athens Academy. I mentor impoverished youth through an arts program. I am very passionate about social justice, human rights, and learning about Africa. I love listening to roots reggae music!

Rebecca R.

I am from Austin, Texas where I am currently a junior at James Bowie High School. I have always been passionate about people and increasing social well-being.

Rebecca S.

I am a junior at Syosset High School in Long Island, New York and I am passionate about art, literature, foreign languages, sciences, and community service. I am on the national Youth Auxiliary Board for the DoSomething Clubs, which allows me to create campaigns to change the world, like the program for donating books and art supplies to battered women that I created earlier this year. I am also extremely passionate about my involvement in the Youth Action Board of Variety, a preschool for autistic children and my volunteer position at HorseAbility, where disabled children learn to ride horses as a form of therapy. 


I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and am a sophomore at Albuquerque Academy. I am passionate about the quality of education in my community. It's my goal, and the focus of multiple projects, to provide a strong, useful education to all children, like the one I've been so fortunate to have. At school, I am the captain of our Mock Trial program; it's a great experience speaking, acting and learning about the law.


I live in Chester, New Jersey and am a sophomore at the West Morris Mendham High School.  I enjoy creative writing, biology and languages, especially Mandarin Chinese and German.  I am a member of the More Than Me Youth Board that helps to get girls off the streets and into school in Liberia.   I am passionate about art and giving these girls access to art as a means of expressing their individuality.



My name is Shelby and I am from Clarksville, Maryland. I am currently a sophomore at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. At school, I am a member of the Varsity Volleyball Team, and outside of school volunteer with different organizations. I love to read and write and a fun fact about me is that my poetry has been published twice!


I live in Chicago, Illinois where I attend Northside College Prep for my junior year. When I am not reading, some of my favorite hobbies include volunteering at a local animal shelter, participating in the IIT Boeing Scholars Program, and  attending meetings with the CPS Student Advisory Council where I discuss problems within my city's school system with the CEO of Chicago Public Schools. I hope to one day make as big a difference in the lives of those around me as people in my life have done for me.


I am a Tustin, California native finishing my sophomore year at Arnold O. Beckman High School. I serve as the Vice President of my class, and am a member of the Varsity women's basketball and track and field teams. My passion for athletics, leadership roles, and community outreach has empowered me to start up a small custom apparel company that focuses on reinforcing social awareness, positive body image, and the importance of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


I live in Germantown, Maryland and I am a sophomore in St. Andrew's Episcopal School. I am very dedicated to playing tennis and lacrosse at school, as well as being a part of the diversity club. I love creative writing and plan on submitting one of my poems to my school's literary magazine. I have been learning Chinese for about three years outside of school and take Latin and Spanish in school. My main interest is my organization Chicos and Kids.


I am a sophomore in high school at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, Florida. I was born in India and came to America when I was one year old. As the runner-up of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee, I naturally have a deep passion for language and words. I love to present complex and abstract linguistic ideas in simple, understandable ways, which I have done through my blog at and my bimonthly club at my local library, "Saturdays with Stuti". 

Teresa G.

I am a sophomore at El Camino High School in Oceanside, California. I am passionate about making a difference by reaching others, taking risks, and doing what I love to do, including dance, community service, running and playing soccer. My family inspires me to persevere through every situation as their sacrifices, unconditional love and support, and commitment have taught me to never underestimate my abilities and to try my best in everything I do to.

Teresa L.

I am a junior at Seneca Valley Sr. High School and live in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania,  twenty miles north of Pittsburgh. I am passionate about leadership and am involved with my school's student council. A fun fact is that I am left handed!